Reseller Update

With the commencement of the first quarter of the year for CheapMobileData, we immensely wish to express gratitude to resellers under CheapMobileData for their continued patronage to our services despite our short comings.

For the first quarter of the year, we’d be rejuvenating the whole reseller experience with various offers and adjusments to boost sales and match up with the current trend of market for our resellers with “Building Customer Base” and making profit as our center watchword. For this, we’d be reducing prices on the reseller double package for 10GB and 20Gb with an introduction of the 40(41GB) reseller package. With effect from the 4th of February 2015, the 10GB (Double Reseller Plan) will be billed at N11,499 while the 20GB will be billed at N21,999. The new 38GB(39GB) is a new introduction into the reseller data family which gives 38GB at N39,999 and a provisional 1GB bonus totaling up to 39GB. We’d also be reducing the overdraft data (Temporary Data ushered out after reseller data is exhausted) to atmost 1.5GB usable till payments are made.

With the need to attain higher customer base for our resellers, we’d be introducing the Reseller promo package which could avail resellers get data at a discounted rate over a period of time to be ushered out in bits of 1GB’s or more. For more information, do contact your agent or send a mail to (Note that this offer is only applicable to resellers who has been under CheapMobileData for at least 150days (5 Months)

Lastly, we’d be inclosing the Reseller referral program into our services. The reseller referral program allows you the opportunity to make extra profit without much stress as profit could be gotten from your referral. For the referral program, we’d be crediting your reseller data account bonus with upto 10-30% of data purchased by your referral over a period of time. For more information, do contact your agent or send a mail to

In summary, our introductory offers for the first quarter of the year are

  1. Price reduction for the 10GB and 20GB
    1. 10GB – N11,499
    2. 20GB – N21,999


  1. Introduction of the 40(41GB) reseller package
    1. 38(39GB) – N39,999


  1. Introduction of the reseller promo package


  1. Introduction of the reseller referral program

Note we currently run a “Pay Before Service” operation and owing will be largely frowned at. To serve you better, please do leave a review of our service either positive or negative

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