CMD Super Price Slash Promo (1GB – N1056)

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We are yet again pleased to unveil our triple edged super price slash promo that would leave you wowed.

Commencing from the 23rd of March to the 31st of March, we’d be dropping prices on the 1GB data to N1055 which would only be obtainable if payments are made via our site which is integrated with Interswitch webpayment solution to enable customers pay with your Credit or debit card (Verve, MasterCard, Visa) and also giving out upto N2000 worth of airtime to the top 10 referrals.

Clients are expected to pay with their ATM card either Verve, MasterCard or Visa of which after successful payment, data would be promptly designated to number specified. It’s also necessary to note that Airtime nor Bank payments won’t be viable for the cause of this Promo.

As regards our site been secure, our site is directly secured as payments are handled directly by Interswitch and not by a 3rd party aggregator. You can visit HERE to learn how to pay with your ATM

Frequently Asked Question

Who can subscribe to this package?

This promo is valid for both new and existing GLO, MTN and Etisalat subscribers only


How long would the promo last ?

The promo would run through from 23rd March to 29Th March 2015 of which you can purchase data during this period for as low as N1056 for 1GB


Is your site secured?

Our site is secured as Our webpayment is handled by interswitch i.e, payments are processed by interswitch and not by us.


How long will it take before data is credited ?

Data is credited almost after after payment has been successful. If data is not credited, please chat with us real time online with the zopim widget and the bottom the screen


Can i partake more than once in this promo?

You can partake as many times as you wish. You could also subscribe for friends sighting them as the referred clients and you stand a chance of winning upto N2000 worth airtime in our give away promo


How much referrals do i need to attain to qualify for the airtime?

You need at most 3 referrals to qualify you for the N2000 airtime give away

For more information or clarification, do chat with us live  using the ZOPIM widget at the bottom right hand of this page or give us a call on 0909-272-8004.

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